VMworld Europe Day 2 Keynote Highlights

October 15, 2014
VMworld Europe Day 2 Keynote Highlights

If yesterday’s keynote was focused on all the latest VMware announcements, then today’s provided the opportunity to drill down into how VMware’s community can use these solutions. Carl Eschenbach started proceedings with a recap of Pat’s message yesterday that we are now living in a “liquid world”, with the expectations being placed on businesses constantly shifting. For businesses to be able to respond to this, they have to be able to deliver ‘Brave New IT’ – IT systems which are fluid, instantaneous, secure and offer choice.

For the first part of the keynote, Carl invited on to the stage two VMware customers, SAP and Vodafone, to discuss how they’re using the software-defined data center and the hybrid cloud in their business and their customer solutions. One of the most eye opening parts of the chat was Martin Heisig, Senior Vice President SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, revealing just how much virtualization SAP uses; 80 % of its systems are virtualized, across 70,000 virtual machines, with 30,000 virtual machines purely for test and development.

In the second part of the keynote, Carl was joined by a number of other VMware executives, including Ben Fathi (CTO), Raghu Raghuram (EVP and GM, SDDC division) and Simone Brunozzi (Vice President and Chief Technologist, Hybrid Cloud). Those watching the keynote (live and streamed), were treated to live demonstrations and explanations of a number of new and updated solutions, including:

  • EVO Rail – Ben Fathi gave a walkthrough of the 15 minute deployment process, highlighting that one EVO Rail unit can provision 250 desktop virtual machines
  • vRealize Air – Software as a service version of the vRealize cloud management platform, hosted on vCloud Air, allowing management of physical, cloud and hybrid environments
  • vRealize Code Stream – Makes it easier for the IT department to support agile development and DevOps processes
  • NSX – Even more virtualized network functionality: logical switching, logical routing, load balancing, physical to virtual routing as well as firewall and security functionality

This is just scratching the surface of what was discussed in today’s keynote. If you want to find out more, you can watch the whole keynote here.

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