Why there’s more to a digital workplace than shiny new gadgets

January 27, 2017
Why there’s more to a digital workplace than shiny new gadgets

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What’s not to like about a digital workplace? Shiny new gadgets and new ways of working can boost employee morale and help to attract and retain staff.

The likes of video conferencing, enterprise social media solutions, and instant messaging can encourage collaboration amongst employees, which in turn improves productivity. But the benefits of a digital workplace stretch far wider than this – as we found in our State of Digital Workplace report, which surveyed 1,200 business and IT decision makers globally. More than half of our respondents that have transformed their digital workspaces could see improvements in mobile workforce effectiveness, user access in mission-critical applications, and in user satisfaction with IT.

With meticulous planning, and a consideration of people, processes and technology, the hard work can pay off.

On the flip side, there are many organisations whereby changes are made just for the sake of change. The mentality of ‘every other organisation is doing it, so why aren’t we?’ will prove costly in the long run however, especially as there are major business benefits to be made if a digital workplace is implemented properly.

Changing can be an obstacle course
Like most programmes for change that involve technology, a big obstacle to adoption is security. Digital workplaces are no different – 43% of EMEA business and IT leaders cited security concerns as the top barrier – but remarkably, nearly half of the decision makers in EMEA view a digital workplace as a way to address compliance and security risk. This is through the use of security and compliance software management tools for devices, the workplace and identity.

Meanwhile, the second biggest barrier in EMEA is budgetary constraints. And yet, 52 per cent of decision makers in EMEA saw cost improvements as a result of successfully completing a digital workplace-related project. The return on investment (ROI) was driven by a combination of factors including the faster release of applications, and increased security of desktops. So organisations can invest in many solutions that they will see a ROI on.

The business benefits aren’t restricted to ROI however, with 51% of EMEA businesses that have successfully executed digital workplace initiatives seeing improvements in their ability to bring new revenue streams online, compared to 34% of EMEA businesses that hadn’t successfully executed digital workplace initiatives This shows that organisations that invest in a digital workplace stand to gain a competitive edge against their business rivals.

The fears that business and IT leaders have about their budget and security when thinking about a digital workplace initiative are misplaced. In fact, both areas are an incentive to push forward with a digital workplace project.

It’s not just about new shiny gadgets – there are real business benefits to be gained, and those firms that don’t act now may struggle to keep pace with their competition.

To learn more, download the VMware Digital Workspace Report here. You can also get a crash course on the digital workspace with a new edition of the Secure Digital Workspace For Dummies.

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