What can VMUG do for you?

April 5, 2014
What can VMUG do for you?

Regular readers of this blog will have seen our posts on the recent VMUG event in London. Even if you did attend the event or any of the others coming up across the country, here’s some more information about what VMUG can do for you.

Online resources

Once you’ve registered on the VMUG website, you can explore a wide range of resources available exclusively to VMUG members, such as the VMUG Advantage program which allows those registered access to training, certifications and VMware product licenses at a special rate. As well as that, there are regular webcasts available to those registered, presented by VMware on a variety of virtualization-focused topics. And you’ll also be kept informed of all developments via the monthly newsletter, VMUG Voice.

Annual events

While online interaction and resource sharing are at the heart of VMUG, meeting with the other members of the group is just as important. As we heard from one of London VMUG’s leaders Jane Rimmer, peer networking is one of the goals of the VMUG events, and that aim is supported by the annual user conference, which brings together VMUG members from all over the country.

Local group forums and events

As well as the annual national meet-up event (occurring at the National Motorcycle Museum for the UK VMUG User Conference), local VMUG chapters host their own meetings quarterly (click here to find your nearest chapter, and for more information via their page and social media channels), which the communities themselves actively influence, determining the structure and recommending the spokespeople. If you can’t find a nearby VMUG chapter, users are encouraged to fill the gaps and set up their own, as event attendee Simon Eady is planning to do in the south-west!

Find out all about what VMUG can offer you and register at www.vmug.com

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