Wanted: how do you get management in sync with security issues?

February 16, 2016
Wanted: how do you get management in sync with security issues?

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We know that too often discussion around security, network security and micro-segmentation are technical by nature, yet the benefits and threats ultimately need to be explained to non-technical decision makers in a language that they understand.

Do you or your IT team battle to help the wider business make sense of issues relating to network security – and ultimately the security of your organisation’s key assets –  understand their worth and the impact on the security of the organisation? If so, we would love to hear from you in order to gain a true representation of the conversations you are having and how you are getting your point across to a non-technical audience.

How do you sell the case for micro-segmentation? Perhaps you’re faced with employees who regularly turn a blind eye to the security policies that are circulated to the company, or a senior management team that still considers security as a pure IT department issue. Or maybe you have been asked to solve security challenges at short notice, without the business stakeholders understanding the technical challenges involved and man hours required.

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With issues like these popping up in businesses across Europe every day, we’re creating a series of light-hearted comic strips that look at the difficulties and cultural challenge of getting IT and the business to follow each other in a mutually understood language.

We want to hear your thoughts – warts and all – on the struggles you have when talking to the business when it comes to the subject of software defined networking and security. From your biggest challenges and most unrealistic inbound requests, to the finest analogies or fool proof language you’ve used to explain security scenarios, your input is invaluable.

That’s why we’re launching an online poll to investigate these issues today. All we ask in return is that you provide your email address and the industry that you work in. As an extra incentive, you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of several prizes, including the chance to appear in one of the final comic strips yourself, or one of four £25 Amazon vouchers.

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