VMworld 2017 Europe Day Two

September 13, 2017
VMworld 2017 Europe Day Two

Welcome to Day 2! First on stage today were Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer, Customer Operations, and Ray O’Farrell, EVP and CTO; they joined our CEO, Pat Gelsinger in a fireside chat to address some of the questions submitted following yesterday’s session.

The Q&A explored several key areas around VMware’s technology and strategy, including Open Source, NSX, containers, IoT, and a look into the future. Again, the speed at which technology is evolving was a central theme. The execs talked about the need for developers and the enterprise to come together and the pivotal role VMware is playing.

One question centred on open source vs proprietary software. Ray talked about how collaboration and technical excellence are core to evolving VMware’s product set. He gave an insight into VMware’s open source team – part of the office of the CTO – and its ever-growing collaboration with the open source community, including significant VMware contributions to existing projects as well as developing new projects and initiatives.

The panel also spoke in more detail about the Dell EMC partnership, stressing how it supports VMware in continuing to have a vibrant, diverse ecosystem.

Ray then welcomed us into the work of Elastic Sky Pizza – a fictitious company used to demonstrate the challenges IT teams face daily in meeting the demands of customers and the business, and how VMware is empowering them to deliver agile solutions at incredible speed. The solutions – showcasing the breadth of VMware’s offering – included:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation – to stabilise the environment
  • VMware AppDefence – to secure the environment
  • vRealize Operations – for capacity planning
  • VMware Cloud on AWS – for instant capacity expansion in the US
  • IBM Cloud for VMware solutions – for capacity expansion in Europe
  • VMware HCX Technologies – to migrate the Help Desk App

We covered two important product announcements:

Pivotal Container Service

We recently announced a collaboration with Pivotal and Google to create a container platform called VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS). The constant compatibility of PKS with Google Container Engine brings users the latest container-native innovations in a secure, consistent environment while enabling developers to ship the right software faster and more frequently, eliminating operational concerns. More on this here.

VMware AppDefense

VMware’s AppDefense is another recent announcement. It was created to protect applications running in virtualized and cloud environments. It leverages virtual infrastructure to monitor running applications against their intended state, and can detect and automate response to attacks that attempt to manipulate those applications.

If you want to find out more about this (and watch the demo online!) head over to vmworld.com. You can also catch up on the action from yesterday’s keynote with Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen here.

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