VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 Announced – by Gregg Robertson

February 12, 2016
VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 Announced – by Gregg Robertson

It’s been an exciting couple of days with the VMware Online Launch on the 10th and 11th of February bringing several interesting announcements. Here, UK blogger Gregg Robertson takes us through all that’s new with VMware Virtual SAN 6.2:

VMware’s Hyper Converged solution Virtual SAN has been updated to version 6.2 and have added loads of great new features and abilities.  The new features can be broken down into three different groups:

Lowest Cost:

  • Near-line deduplication and compression per disk group level called “Space Efficiency”. (All Flash Only option)
  • Space efficiency will be enabled on a cluster level.
  • Deduplication when happen when de-staging from cache tier to capacity tier within the Virtual SAN and the deduplication will use fixed block length deduplication with a very granular 4KB blocks allowing great data and space efficiency. (All Flash Only option)
  • Compression which will happen after deduplication. (All Flash Only option)
  • RAID 5 Erasure Coding with “FTT=1” with a minimum of a 3+1 configuration allowing 1.33x instead of 2x overhead. Currently a 20GB disk takes 40GB but now it will be around 27GB(All Flash Only option)

Raid 5

  • RAID 6 Erasure Coding with “FTT=2” with a minimum of a 4+2 configuration allowing 1.5x instead of 3x overhead. Currently a 20GB disk takes 60GB but now it will be around 30GB. (All Flash Only option)

Raid 6


Radically Simple

  • Quality of Service will be available to allow complete visibility into IOPS consumed per VM/Virtual Disk, eliminate noisy neighbour issues and manage performance SLAs (independent of VM provisioning order)

Ready for Any Application

image image image

  • SAP Core Ready with testing and validated deployments.
  • Tightly integrated cloud management with Horizon and the ability for procurement of Virtual SAN licenses bundles for lowest cost VDI storage.
  • Oracle RAC Supported with testing and validated deployments.


Advanced Management & Troubleshooting

  • Enhanced Virtual SAN Management with New Health Service to allow built-in performance monitoring, health and performance APIs and SDK, storage capacity reporting and many more health checks.



  • Virtual SAN – Usability & Manageability : Health Check (Q1)
    • Fully integrated operational management, which are natively part of the vSphere Web Client.
    • SNMP support, custom scripts, emails via vCenter alarms.
    • Performance Monitoring – Web client integrated
    • Cluster wide summary of VM availability
    • Event based alarm triggers
    • Detailed Space Reporting (account for dedupe etc)
    • Proactive rebalance from UI (Health and actions)
    • Alarms on performance threshold breach
    • Integrate performance data in support bundle



Make sure you check out Gregg Robertson’s blog and you can find Gregg on Twitter here: @GreggRobertson5


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