VMware vForum – Keynote Q&A

May 16, 2014
VMware vForum – Keynote Q&A

The VMware vForum events in London and Manchester are only a matter of weeks away. To give you a taste of what to expect we caught up with EMEA CTO Joe Baguley, who’ll be delivering the keynote “The Software-Defined Enterprise: Thriving in the Mobile-Cloud Era” at both events. Here’s what Joe had to say about why you shouldn’t miss vForum:


  • Why should people visit VMware vForum this year?

At last year’s vForum, we outlined the three main areas we’re focusing on as a company – software-defined data center, end user computing and hybrid cloud. We’ve come a long way since then, with a number of updates and launches: Virtual SAN, vCloud Hybrid Service, Horizon 6, Airwatch, NSX. We and the industry have evolved at such a rapid pace that things have changed enormously since last year’s event. So if you want to ensure you know what VMware can do for you now and in the future, make sure you’re there.

vForum also offers an opportunity to see what other companies and your peers have been doing with our technology. The exhibitor area and network drinks are the perfect way to ensure you’re connected with the wider industry and learn from others facing the same problems as you are.

  • Can you explain a bit more about what your keynote will cover?

The question on many peoples’ lips is ‘What comes after chickens and kittens?’

Obviously I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I’m sure I’ll have something to match last year’s animal-themed analogies! What I can say is that I’ll be talking about the software-defined enterprise and the impact that this concept is having, and why it is so important to our customers. VMware is disrupting the industry with solutions that are non-disruptive to our customers, and the keynote will focus on this.

  • Why is the concept of ‘Software Defined’ so important to businesses?

It’s important because software-defined is no longer just a buzzword, and has come a long way from just being a concept. It is a major change for the industry as a whole. Software-defined frees you up to have choices about your future and the future of your organisation. It uncouples your business from the constraints of physical hardware and locations, giving them greater flexibility and agility.

  • What does vCHS mean for businesses in the UK?

The vForum events in the UK will provide excellent opportunities to find out how British businesses such as Betfair are taking advantage of vCHS to ensure they’re at the cutting edge of current cloud technology, and to ready themselves for what is coming up in the future. The way Betfair has used vCHS is a great example of what the solution means for companies in the UK – take a look at my interview with the Daily Telegraph for more examples of this.

  • What will attendees learn from vForum and be able to use in their business?

There will be specific sessions from partners and vendors on storage, compute and networking. These will help attendees become fully aware of all the options available to them in the future, and how they can make best use of all of these technologies. Firms will be able to arm themselves with the knowledge of the technology and solutions that are out there and what it will allow them to do.


As you can see from Joe’s responses, there are more reasons than ever to make sure you attend VMware vForum this year. Don’t forget attendance is free, and you can register at https://bitly.com/1k3kjUa. If you want more information about the event, please click here https://bit.ly/1hqQpYp.  

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