VMware Mirage Streamlines Windows 7 Migration And More

April 11, 2014
VMware Mirage Streamlines Windows 7 Migration And More

The need to migrate to Windows 7 has never been greater. Are you ready? Download our free whitepaper to find out everything you need to know

As Microsoft support for XP comes to an end, migrating staff to Windows 7 has become a priority for organisations around the world. Businesses that don’t move quickly will be left with no support or, potentially, a large bill for custom support – plus the associated risk to compliance of using an unsupported OS. Many businesses are also stalling on their implementation decisions because upgrades and migrations can be time consuming and costly for IT departments.

While there may be many solutions that can migrate or update your environment from Windows XP to Windows 7, the benefits of VMware® Mirage™ are what make this solution unique. Because of the way its layered image management works, Mirage can help you to migrate operating systems quickly and at scale. You can complete literally hundreds of migrations per week and if anything goes wrong during the migration process, you can simply revert the end-user’s machine back to a Windows XP snapshot that Mirage stores centrally. In distributed and WAN environments, little or no additional infrastructure is needed at the branch sites for you to have to manage and Mirage’s image layering capabilities allow for a maximum degree of flexibility. During the migration process, you can choose which base image, driver set and applications to deploy to any end-user’s device.

VMware Mirage was also designed with the end-user in mind by keeping them as productive as possible during the migration process. With Mirage endpoints are centralized while the end-user works, and during the migration process total user downtime can be as little as 20 minutes. After the migration is complete, support for continuous disaster recovery on an ongoing basis gives peace of mind for both IT and end-user.

You can learn more about the benefits by downloading our whitepaper: Addressing Microsoft Windows 7 Deployments with VMware Mirage.

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