VMware Horizon™ 6 is unleashed

April 10, 2014
VMware Horizon™ 6 is unleashed

Today we announced VMware Horizon™ 6, an integrated solution which delivers published applications and desktops on a single platform. Horizon 6 is the industry’s most comprehensive desktop solution with centralized management of any type of enterprise application and desktop, including physical desktops and laptops, virtual desktops and applications and employee-owned PCs.

“Customers want to transform their applications and enterprise desktops for the Mobile Cloud Era – extending access to employees on any device, from anywhere via a comprehensive solution that is simple, secure and cost effective,” said Sumit Dhawan, vice president and general manager, Desktop Products, End-User Computing, VMware. “VMware Horizon™ 6 addresses these issues and delivers amazing new capabilities to our customers at nearly the same cost as a traditional, physical desktop. Horizon 6 represents a major product milestone which continues the rapid pace of innovation from VMware, and helps customers take the next step in their desktop journey.”

The innovations in application delivery, datacenter-to-device management, storage optimization and flexible hybrid delivery in VMware Horizon 6 make enterprise desktops and applications easier and more cost-effective to deliver, protect and manage. Multiple access points such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and an array of other employee-owned devices are putting pressure on IT departments to deliver a high level of service and access without compromise.

It also offers new capabilities that are integrated into a single solution that empower IT with a streamlined approach for managing Windows applications and desktops. With Horizon 6, enterprise applications and Windows operating systems are centrally managed so updates can be made in an agile and predictable manner. In addition, Horizon 6 enables entire desktops or just applications to be delivered in a flexible manner to end-users:

  • Virtually for access from multiple locations and devices
  • Physically by syncing the entire desktop image to end-user laptops for online and offline access
  • Securely by delivering applications and content in a managed secure container to support Bring Your Own (BYO) PC scenarios.

Regardless of the use case, VMware Horizon 6 delivers a consistent, self-service user experience for access to enterprise applications through a unified workspace.

 New capabilities in VMware Horizon 6 include:

  • Published Applications and Virtual Desktops Delivered Through A Single Platform – VMware Horizon 6 offers streamlined management, end-user entitlement, and quick delivery of published Windows applications, RDS-based desktops and virtual desktops across devices and locations.
  • Central Image Management of Virtual, Physical and Employee-Owned PCs – Using the updated VMware Mirage™, IT administrators can design a single desktop with the required operating system and applications, and deliver it to end-users in a department or entire organization based on end-user needs.
  • A Unified Workspace for Simplified Access – End-users can access all applications and desktops from a single unified workspace.
  • Storage Optimization with VMware Virtual SAN™ and Delivery from the Software-Defined Data Center – Horizon 6 is optimized for the Software-Defined Data Center and provides integrated management of VMware Virtual SAN that can significantly reduce the cost of storage for virtual desktops by using local storage.
  • Closed-Loop Management and Automation – Consolidate control, delivery and protection of user compute resources with cloud analytics and automation, cloud orchestration and self-service.
  • Hybrid Cloud Delivery – Introducing a new client that seamlessly connects to virtual desktops and applications running in an on-premise cloud, a service provider partner cloud, or through VMware vCloud Hybrid Service with the same, high performance end-user experience.

“Today’s announcement of VMware Horizon™ 6 continues our momentum in end-user computing, bringing the best solutions for desktop, mobile and content collaboration via a secure virtual workspace,” said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware. “As a recognized innovator in the industry, VMware’s ambition is to provide end-users their apps and content served to them securely – anywhere, anyplace and anytime – whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.”

Jon Howe, systems architect, Parata Systems added, “We like VMware’s pace of innovation in end-user computing and their vision of delivering desktops and applications on a single platform. Mobility and easy access is important to end-users and IT administrators alike, and Horizon™ 6’s ability to provide both with a consistent user experience through a unified workspace across any device was a very attractive proposition.”

“Governance and compliance can only work if end-users stay within the confines of IT, but end-users are savvy with more options than ever before to work outside the purview of IT,” said Brett Waldman, research manager, End-User Computing, IDC. “If IT can provide the resources, capabilities and support end-users need, they will be less likely to stray, so IT needs vendors, such as VMware, to provide simpler, more agile solutions. With VMware Horizon™ 6’s new ability to deliver published applications in addition to virtual desktops, IT can deliver just what end-users need, or more importantly – wants.”

New Editions to Support Modern Deployment Models

VMware customers can adopt published applications and virtual desktops based on their needs and environment. Three new editions of VMware Horizon will be available to customers, including:

  • Horizon View™ Standard Edition: Delivers simple, high-performance, VDI-based virtual desktops with a great user experience.
  • Horizon Advanced Edition: Offers the lowest cost solution for published and virtual applications and desktops using optimized storage from VMware Virtual SAN, central image management and a unified workspace for managing and delivering all applications and desktops.
  • Horizon Enterprise Edition: Delivers a cloud-ready solution for desktops and applications with advanced cloud-like automation and management capabilities for hybrid cloud flexibility.

For more information, please visit the VMware Horizon product page.

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