Universities struggle to meet student’s tech needs

March 12, 2015
Universities struggle to meet student’s tech needs

Better technology holds the key to improving the student learning experience – but are universities ready to take on this challenge? Our previous studyfound 83% of UK students believe better access to technology can improve the way they learn, but don’t always think that the available technology meets their expectations. To find out more about what is going on in the education sector, we spoke to 150 IT leaders and department heads at universities to get their side of the story and see how they are responding to the growing need for IT.

Our discussions showed 95% of respondents agree improved IT enhances the student experience and 89% believe it would help to better meet students’ needs. It’s great to see IT leaders at universities are recognising this; however they seem to be struggling to meet these demands. Our research has revealed that only 12% of universities make it possible for students to use their mobile devices for study and just 13% feel they will be able to offer mobile study options in the near future. Even fewer offer online lectures (6%) or the possibility to connect with lecturers online (7%). Take a look below for some more stats from our research that highlight this issue:

  • 20% of university IT leaders don’t think their institution meet students’ IT demands at the moment
  • Only 27% of department heads completely agree their IT department is able to provide the support required
  • Just 13% offer wi-fi campus-wide and only 11% are planning to introduce it over the next year

This post is the first in a series on the important issue of IT in universities. Next week we’ll be bringing you a whitepaper taking a closer look at this issue and the views of students and IT leaders, so make sure you check back regularly.

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