Top five tips to managing your business in a multi-cloud environment

March 10, 2017
Top five tips to managing your business in a multi-cloud environment

Read our latest report: “Takeaways for Managing the Business in a Multi-Cloud World“.


Recently on the blog, we published research finding that the ownership of IT is shifting from the central IT department to other lines of business, in a bid to drive innovation across organisations.

Whilst this is delivering numerous benefits, including the freedom to innovate but also improved responsiveness to market conditions and greater speed in launching products and services, challenges have also arisen.

Due to industry pressure to accelerate digital transformation and remain competitive, we’re often seeing this trend happening without adequate IT governance, meaning that organisations are losing control, duplicating IT spend and compromising on security (see our infographic for more results).

So what can be done?

To help you tackle these challenges, we’ve identified five takeaways to support you as you continue to digitally transform and manage an increasingly complex IT environment.

Our latest report gives our recommendations on how to:

  • Deliver a user-centric approach to technology
  • Define responsibility within transformation programmes
  • Justify and safeguard IT budgets
  • Think digital without losing your legacy environment
  • Develop an infrastructure that’s built to change and evolve over time

The journey towards digital and the movement towards decentralized IT is set to continue, so read the full report to see the key areas we’ve identified to remain competitive.

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