The Security Agent – Blog #1

September 18, 2015
The Security Agent – Blog #1

Halt! Do you have clearance to be here? You’re about to enter a restricted zone: welcome to the network security department, home of the Security Agent. Take a look around and find out how VMworld Europe can help your organisation stay safe…

With an organisation’s value becoming increasingly tied up in its virtual assets, it is no surprise that data security has enjoyed a rapid rise up the boardroom agenda. And with cyber criminals intent on attacking from all angles, the organisation needs someone who can its valuables secure. But who has the skills and determination to take on such a job?

Stepping out from the shadows is the Security Agent. The last line of your IT defences. Standing between your organisation’s trade secrets and the rest of the world, the Security Agent is on hand to catch cyber criminals and fend off corporate spies.

One of the most tech-savvy members of the IT department, the Security Agent has wealth of technical information at their fingertips and called to use their in-depth knowledge daily in designing and maintaining the network security infrastructure. From racking and stacking hardware, configuring VLAN, VFR and route protocols, as well as setting up firewalls, load balancers and other security appliances, the Security Agent is always on duty.  It’s a tough job, but it’s a critical part in helping the business continue to operate without disruption.

Now, with the development of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Security Agents have been handed a lifeline, an upper hand in the fight for organisational security. New security techniques – including micro-segmentation – mean that IT infrastructure can be kept safer than ever, and with half the effort – allowing the IT department’s resources to be redeployed into improving network speed and efficiency.

So grab your Walkie Talkie and come along to VMworld Europe where you can gather intel on how the Software-Defined Data Centre will revolutionise your organisation’s network security. Get in-depth training and hands-on experience from some of the world’s foremost experts in mobility while comparing notes with thousands of other IT professionals.

Code Red! Places for VMworld Europe are filling fast, so book up today and gain access the key information that will secure your organisation once and for all…

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