The Mobile Sheriff – Blog #1

September 18, 2015
The Mobile Sheriff – Blog #1

Howdy! Welcome to the world of mobility and personal devices; the wild west of the business world. Find out how VMworld Europe can help Mobile Sheriffs maintain law and order within the organisation…

New technology has opened up a new frontier in enterprise IT. The rise of the mobile and tablet as well as Bring Your Own Device policies may have helped expand the business, but it has also given rise to an era of organisational lawlessness; the workforce using their own gadgets with abandon and giving little thought to the safety of company data.

Enter the Mobile Sheriff. Sauntering through the saloon doors of the enterprise, the Mobile Sheriff has been tasked with bringing law and order back to the business.

Working with a wide jurisdiction, today’s Mobile Sheriff endlessly strives to balance the freedom and responsibility of flexible working. Their task to ensuring that employees are empowered through use of mobile devices, allowing them to improve organisational process, maximise productivity and better engage with customers all without endangering the organisation.

The appeal of mobiles devices may be easy to understand, but it’s not without its drawbacks. With the potential to infect the company network with viruses, organisations must be careful about how personal devices are used within their network. Worries over corporate assets getting mixed with personal data or unsafe and unapproved apps being downloaded all contribute to making mobility a dangerous prospect for unprepared organisations.

Mobile is the way we all expect to work; today’s devices are now mobile by default. The challenge is to ensure that they are a force for good, opening up new ways of working and allowing your workforce to operate efficiently in today’s liquid business world. The Mobile Sheriff is the final layer of protection for your company’s data, its brand, and its reputation – whoever is appointed to the task will play a crucial part in setting up your organisation for future success.

So grab your spurs and Stetson and come along to VMworld Europe where you can learn more about the latest strategies for developing and managing mobile policies. Get in-depth training and hands-on experience from some of the world’s foremost experts in mobility while comparing notes with thousands of other IT professionals.

Saddle up and book your place at VMworld Europe today, and keep your ear to the ground for more details on how Mobile Sheriffs can make VMware their deputy…

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