The IT Mastermind – Blog #1

September 18, 2015
The IT Mastermind – Blog #1

Listen up! IT is a serious business, get the investment right and the organisation can soar, get it wrong and the whole operation can blow up in your face. Big challenges can only be solved by big personalities, so find out how VMworld Europe can turn even the most timid tech admin into an IT Mastermind…

No longer a necessary evil in the running of a business, IT has been transformed from a perennial cost centre to the hub of an organisation’s innovation, growth and strategy. An essential component of today’s enterprise, but often misunderstood by senior leadership, the IT department needs a leader: one who is equally adept in the board room as they are in the server room.  It needs someone who can keep one eye on present concerns while building the business case for IT investment over the next year.

Say hello to the IT Mastermind! The head honcho, the big ‘I am’; the IT Mastermind is the cornerstone of any successful modern enterprise. In a high pressure environment, with diminishing budgets each year, the IT Mastermind continually delivers – doing more with less to drive change and keep the business standing up.  

Facing off against numerous challenges – from keeping the IT system standing up through to developing new sales channels to better engage with customers – IT Masterminds must have their finger on the pulse when it comes to their organisation’s IT infrastructure.

The mission is clear: make the trip to VMworld Europe, and discover how you can build a single-pane of control into the maintenance of all your IT operations. Discover how automation can help maintain your organisation’s availability while freeing up man-power to can be redeployed in focusing on innovation and system improvements.

Do yourself a favour and book your place at VMworld Europe today – you won’t regret it. And in the meantime, keep your eyes open for more details on how IT Mastermind can use VMware to drive their organisation forward.  

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