The Dev Champion – Blog #1

September 29, 2015
The Dev Champion – Blog #1

Holy Smokes! Organisations are on the precipice of a new world of IT, driven in part by the speed, flexibility and agility of today’s app development techniques. Find out how VMworld Europe can help Dev Champions tool up for the fight against outdated IT processes…

The pace of business has hit unprecedented speeds, and the organisations that will succeed are those who can respond to changing markets and new opportunities as quickly as possible. IT must play a critical role; it can no longer work in the background as a necessary evil but must fly high as an enabler of business growth.

But who will take on the lead role in this dramatic transformation? The answer is coming over the horizon…

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Dev Champion. Coming in to land on the mean streets of the enterprise, cape billowing in the wind, the Dev Champion is the oil of the company’s innovation engine.

Standing for agility and speed, Dev Champions work to bridge the gap between development and operations teams – working to understand the needs of the dev team and ensure they have, at their fingertips, the tools they need to bring to life the applications and services that will enable a business to compete.

The requirements of the developer have changed. Now charged with the continuous delivery of new apps for the business, they rely on the Dev Champion to cut through antiquated systems and bring in the modern thinking. Recognising the importance of a developer’s role in driving organisational innovation, the Dev Champion has made it their business to provide developers with easy to access infrastructure environments and open APIs that they can incorporate into their applications. They work to give developers entry to the newest open-source tools so they have the freedom needed to get the job done in sprints.

Time is of essence, and Dev Champions understand that the organisation needs to act now in order to reap the momentum when it is there and not six months later.

So pack your utility belt and come along to VMworld Europe where you can learn more about the latest strategies for automating and orchestrating in order to free up developer’s time to work on projects that will deliver real value to the business. This year’s conference will offer in-depth training and hands-on experience from some of the world’s foremost experts in IT op innovation. It will also give you the chance to compare notes with thousands of other IT professionals who are also looking to deliver continuous development for their organisations.

Tie on your cape and book your place at VMworld Europe today, and take to the sky for more details on how Dev Champions can make an invaluable sidekick of VMware…

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