The Data Wizard – Blog #1

September 18, 2015
The Data Wizard – Blog #1

Greetings! You are now entering the mysterious world of virtual infrastructure, the realm of the Data Wizard. Find out how VMworld Europe can help teach the tricks needed to maintain your control over the organisation’s IT environment…

The data centre holds the beating heart of any organisation, keeping business critical applications running to the highest level of performance so that the workforce can continue without interruption. A fundamental but often overlooked task, controlling the data centre can be difficult job, filled with repetitive and complex challenges; when everything works, no one notices, when anything goes wrong it is a disaster.

This is the domain of the Data Wizard. Often considered the power behind the throne, Data Wizards work in two crucial ways: maintaining the organisation’s virtual infrastructure and expanding its capabilities through the investigation of new concepts and technologies.

Perhaps better known as the IT admins and architects, Data Wizards must balance their desire to innovate against the practical demands of their technology infrastructure.

And with hyper-convergence taking the data center by storm, the time is now right for Data Wizards to step out of the shadows and take a starring role in the business. The advances in data centre automation means that the dark magic of self-healing and zero-touch clouds are now a reality.

Forget the incantations and spells; make the trip to VMworld Europe where you can learn more about the latest strategies for virtualising business critical applications, automating deployment, monitoring availability, and ensuring your organisation has the resiliency it needs. VMworld Europe offers Data Wizards the chance to get to grips with the leading-edge developments in the Software-Defined Data Center. Discover how to deliver the highest availability and highest performance to support the most demanding business processes.

So grab your wand and book your place at VMworld Europe today, and keep an eye out for more details on how Data Wizards can make the Software-Defined Data Center their able apprentice…


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