The Cloud Pilot – Blog #1

September 18, 2015
The Cloud Pilot – Blog #1

Hello! Welcome aboard today’s flight. The seat belt light is on so please relax and remain seated with chairs in the upright position, and find out how VMworld Europe can help your organisation’s IT department cruise into the cloud…

Over the last few years, cloud computing has truly taken off. Flying high on the corporate agenda, the cloud has delivered a new age of enterprise technology, one in which employees outside of the IT department are able to play a bigger role in provisioning their own IT. Of course, when the uninitiated get involved, things can get messy – organisations are crying out for someone who can steer their cloud strategy in the right direction.

Step forward, The Cloud Pilot. Helping organisations to avoid a tail-spin of cloud sprawl, Cloud Pilots act as a go-between for the IT team and the other business departments. Crucially, they work to understand the businesses needs and ensure that the central IT team can deliver against these demands.

As the cloud industry matures, the demand for full, unbroken integration between cloud platforms has grown. Hybrid Cloud is the word on everyone’s lips, offering a way for Cloud Pilots to maintain control of the organisation’s IT, without clipping the wings of individual departments who demand a platform that offers the freedom to make their own IT investment decisions.

So get airborne and touchdown at VMworld Europe, where you can learn how vCloud Air can make hybrid a cloud a seamless extension of your internal data centre. Discover how hybrid cloud can offer the agility, flexibility, and scalability to empower departments while allowing the CIO to retain overall operational control.

Earn your wings with a trip to VMworld Europe, and monitor the radar for more details on how VMWare can help Cloud Pilots navigate the skies of enterprise IT…

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