Taming the Wild West: a more agile way to create, deliver and manage cloud services in-house

July 8, 2016
Taming the Wild West: a more agile way to create, deliver and manage cloud services in-house

Guest blog: Jonathan Alexander, Senior Manager and EMEA Cloud Management GTM Leader, VMware  explains how IT teams in large enterprises can support multiple line-of-business demands with powerful new approaches to cloud app development, automated deployment, governance and control

Many organisations have achieved real benefits using vSphere virtualization technology, including saving in CapEx running into the millions. But what comes next, as organisations increasingly turn to the public cloud for an ever-wider range of products and services? As business demands continue to shift and multiply, in-house time and resource limitations give rise to complaints that “IT is too slow, so we’ll go our own way. We’ll use Amazon, or Google…” Expectations have changed. The fact is, most traditional in-house IT structures are too slow to react super-fast to new business demands and give users what they need. But as business areas turn to their “own” cloud solutions, managing that potential anarchy becomes a serious problem. How can you properly protect your business, especially personal data, against the threat posed by shadow IT? How can you ensure the right workloads are in the right place? In a move analogous to Wyatt Earp riding into Dodge City, VMware’s vRealize cloud management platform gives IT teams the tools they need to meet this business demand in a fast and controlled way. The idea is to properly bridge on-premises “traditional IT” including legacy infrastructure with public cloud opportunities through a platform that’s optimized to deliver cloud apps and services back to the business fast with full transparency of the costs. As part of your overall IT agility, it means accelerating Time to Value (TtV).

Transform your thinking

IT teams can face many demands: from helping get products to market faster, for example, while delivering cost transparency and demonstrating IT is delivering real value for money. The expectation of innovation is relentless: to be a genuine partner to the business, delivering measurable value to all the different lines of business. But how, precisely, can an IT function ensure it’s properly aligned to all those needs, so it can provision and deliver whatever (and whenever) all the various stakeholders want? At a time when different parts of the business look to public cloud services they can “provision” themselves, and in a BYOD world where individuals can routinely access and use those services from personal devices; the rise of shadow IT?

However, if IT has neither the time nor resources to create its own platform to develop new applications or services fast, automate deployment and ensure management with all the governance bells and whistles required – no problem. We can provide that platform, whatever the organization’s size or its ongoing business requirements, and a platform squarely focused on delivering ROI. Working in tandem with a Software Defined Data Center, vRealize provides all the choice and flexibility you need: to provide any application to any device, and without resorting to shareware or more limited and restrictive options, such as those offered by other more proprietary vendors.

Realizing more agile IT

The proposition is simple: do more, on demand, take control. Build and deploy line of business apps faster, simplify management, and never compromise on governance and control. Effectively bridging that gap between on-premises IT and the public cloud, vRealize is a robust and cost-effective platform that speeds up Time to Value. It reduces application provisioning from weeks to a day. It enables you to recapture huge amounts of time for hard-pressed IT staff. Developers and test engineers become massively more productive, and you can also see big hardware efficiency gains. So, the question is, what’s it to be: Wild West or New Frontier?

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