Q&A with Gavin Jackson on the future of vCHS in Europe – Part Two

July 30, 2014
Q&A with Gavin Jackson on the future of vCHS in Europe – Part Two

Last week we shared with you the thoughts of Gavin Jackson, Vice President and General Manager for Cloud Services EMEA at VMware, on the success of vCHS in Europe and why the hybrid cloud is a revolution for businesses. Below, Gavin discuses vCHS in more detail, looking at what makes vCHS a true hybrid cloud, what it means for the channel and where he sees vCHS in a year’s time.

What makes vCHS a true hybrid cloud solution?

vCHS delivers a true hybrid service by seamlessly linking both private and public clouds together. Many businesses are already using private and public cloud services but they can’t simply move apps back and forth between the environments dynamically. Customers now are able to manage their legacy and new applications and workloads from one interface, at the click of a mouse. The litmus test of vCHS is administrators can manage their infrastructure and apps without even having to know if they are on or off premises. This is only possible because vCHS is based on a trusted vSphere foundation and local data centres which meet UK and EU compliance and data sovereignty demands. As a result, vCHS delivers straightforward two-way migration of new and legacy applications, helping to solve real business problems. True hybrid cloud can play an integral role in the strategic transformation of IT infrastructure, and other types of cloud simply aren’t up to the task of supporting this kind of change.

What other services are available on the vCHS platform?

It is the services that are, and will be, available on the vCHS platform that are real game changers for customers. The delivery of these services are our priority and we’ve made great headway in the five months since our European launch, with more to follow. Services include vCHS Disaster Recovery (vCHS-DR), enabling customers to extend their data center to the hybrid cloud for disaster recovery third-party backup, and also the availability of the service on Cloud Foundry so that customers can evolve from legacy to next gen and mobile apps and test and deploy them in the hybrid cloud.

Stepping away from end users for a moment, how have VMware’s channel partners been embracing vCHS?

We’ve had a really positive response from the channel towards vCHS. As a result we’ve now got more than 800 vCHS accredited individuals at partner organisations in Europe, showing the overwhelming appetite in the channel for a true hybrid cloud solution. As a result, customers now have support for more than 6,000 applications and over 90 operating systems, thanks to the support our partners have shown for vCHS. The feedback has been great, this positive reception has allowed us to have valuable conversations with our partners about making the best of the entire VMware solutions portfolio. The great thing about vCHS for our reseller community is that they can sell it in the same way as other VMware solutions, and then layer other VMware services on top of the vCHS platform.

Where would you like vCHS to be by this point next year?

Moving to the cloud is a big change for any business, and customers need help understanding how it can impact the business and how they can move forward in their cloud journey. We’re showing our customers how vCHS works in tactical projects, and they’re then challenging us to solve more complex, enterprise problems and we’re rising to that challenge. We are on the path to satisfying the “Cloud First” strategies of many businesses where hybrid cloud is the defacto choice for how organisations consume services.

As a result, our measure of success for vCHS is to help our customers understand that there is a third choice when it comes to the cloud – it isn’t an either/or situation between public clouds and private clouds. A true hybrid cloud experience is the ability to deploy wherever is needed, when it’s needed and not be tied in to any initial decision.  . This flexibility is why hybrid has such a major role to play in business IT infrastructure, and can offer the broadest range of options and solutions to support even the most architecturally diverse environment.

To find out more about vCHS visit the website or check out some of the latest vCHS posts on the blog

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