Punch above your weight: create, deploy and manage the cloud services your business deserves

July 8, 2016
Punch above your weight: create, deploy and manage the cloud services your business deserves

Guest blog: Jonathan Alexander, Senior Manager and EMEA Cloud Management GTM Leader, VMware  describes how mid-market and smaller businesses can now create, deploy and manage cloud apps and services in exactly the same way as their larger and far better resourced multinational counterparts.

But what comes next? As organisations increasingly turn to the public cloud for an ever-wider range of products and services, how can your business make sure it capitalises on the opportunities? Your IT team is small, tens of people rather than 100s, but it still faces the same pressures as IT in much larger organisations: delivering what different business teams want, when they want it. But as those demands multiply, there are only so many resources available to you and hours in the day, leading to complaints that “IT is just too slow – we’ll use Amazon.”

With the expectation of innovation relentless, how can your IT ensure it’s properly aligned with different needs across the business, to deliver whatever (and whenever) various stakeholders want? All at a time when managers can look to public cloud services they can “provision” themselves, and in a workplace where individuals may routinely use such services on their personal devices? Managing the resulting free-for-all can also pose serious problems. You not only need a way to meet business demand for new apps and services quickly and reliably, to punch above your weight, you also need a highly effective way to manage the mixed heterogeneous cloud and on-premises environment that inevitably results. The vRealize platform means you can do precisely that.

Realize your ambitions: create a more agile business

vRealize gives IT teams in smaller companies the tools they need to meet business demand in a fast and controlled way – just like their counterparts in global corporations. A platform that’s optimized to deliver apps and services to the business fast, vRealize helps to improve both IT responsiveness and business agility, enabling you to better manage costs while providing all the governance and controls required. Indeed, the opportunity is to:

  • Improve and ensure the quality, reliability and scalability of your applications
  • Boost developer and test engineer productivity
  • Modernize your application delivery model through smart automation
  • Speed up delivery to better support the business and improve the user/customer experience
  • Reduce server costs

Importantly, you have all the choice and flexibility you need. You can provide any application to any device. There’s no need to resort to clunky shareware or cheap “best of breed” product approaches, or more limited options like those offered by other more proprietary suppliers. Instead, IT teams can achieve far more, on demand. They can build, test and deploy faster, and management is simplified. But don’t just take my word for it: Forrester Consulting reports this approach leads to a far shorter application release process along with improvements in IT efficiency. You can:

  • Speed up application delivery: from 3-4 weeks to less than one day
  • Reclaim inactive resources, reducing overall capacity used by 10%
  • Reduce hardware costs by up to 15% by avoiding over-provisioning
  • Save time in IT operations: recapture 22 hours for each application environment provisioned

In short, vRealize removes any barriers to you embracing a world-class approach to cloud development, deployment and management – and does so at a cost that makes sense for the business.

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