Presenting VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service

April 5, 2014
Presenting VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service

We recently launched vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) in the US, our own infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud. This new service, which will be following in EMEA at a later stage, is designed to give our customers a common platform to seamlessly extend their own data centre into the cloud. As with all of VMware’s solutions, vCloud Hybrid Service is a natural extension of our mission to simplify IT and help our customers transform their IT operations.

The vCloud Hybrid Service is reflective of a change in the way that organisations and users want to interact with IT systems. Many people are now relying on cloud services such as Dropbox, yet aren’t able to bring these into their work environment due to security and compliance issues. The issues for many firms is that they haven’t been able to offer these flexible cloud services, because this kind of sensitive data needs to stay in on-premise data centres.

vCHS bridges this gap by allowing firms to extend their VMware-powered data centres directly into the cloud, linking public and private clouds on a common platform. This hybrid cloud (containing both public and private cloud elements) allows the IT department to take advantage of the benefits of the public cloud, without sacrificing the security of the business’ IT infrastructure. The shared platform, which is built on our vSphere technology, means that thousands of apps  – both legacy and cloud – which work on this platform can be seamlessly replicated and extended to the cloud, along with their networking and security environments. Ultimately, what vCHS gives customers is the ability to deploy any application, anywhere, without compromising any aspect of it.

The vCHS platform allows us to better support the changing needs of the IT department. Rather than simply handing out a one size fits all service, IT teams now have to act as a broker of IT services for everyone, responding to these changing needs. Instead of going around the IT department to find the cloud services they need (as discussed in our covert clouds research), vCHS allows the IT department to act as an enabler of cloud services.

For our partners, vCloud Hybrid provides a fantastic way to offer a cloud service to their customers. Partners can easily offer ready-to-run, enterprise class cloud solutions, allowing them to focus on offering services rather than invest in infrastructure. As a result, partners are being given a wealth of new opportunities, allowing them to provide a greater range of choice to the customers they serve.

We’re looking forward to seeing how our customers are able to use vCHS to improve the way their businesses operate. Visit our website for more information on the vCloud Hybrid Service.

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