Pick Your Persona Agenda

September 24, 2015
Pick Your Persona Agenda

Recently we introduced you to our new personalities heading to VMworld Europe in October.  For each of these personas, we’ve also created a series of personalised agendas, so that you know exactly what sessions you need to attend to get from VMworld everything you need to support your business.

Take a look at the descriptions below to find the best agenda for your time at VMworld…

  • If you’re a Mobile Sheriff, looking to bring law and order back to the workplace and ensure the safety and security of all, we’ve got a great set of VMworld agendas. Whether you’re more focused on the mobile enterprise or desktops and applications, our personalised agendas have got you covered. Click here to see more.
  • To make sure the Data Wizard’s magic doesn’t run out, we’ve created three agenda spell books. The first is on virtualizing applications, the second on the software-defined data centre, and the third on cloud infrastructure and management. Take a look here to see the tricks you’ll learn.
  • Staying to the shadows, but always present and keeping the wider business safe are the Security Agents. Our two agendas for this vital member of the IT team focus on the technical aspects of the Security Agent’s role, with agendas for both technical and advanced technical sessions. See all you need to know here.
  • Coming in hot are Cloud Pilots, the navigators of relations between the IT team and other business departments, working to understand business needs and ensure the central IT team can deliver against these demands. With the agendas, you’ve got choice to fly to a technical or business destination. Get your schedule
  • Focusing on speed and agility, the Dev Champions will be on the hunt for tools that can empower their organisation’s development team. Focusing on demonstrating the leading edge solutions, our personalised agenda will help you deliver the latest IT op innovations into your business.
  • Looking after the whole show, IT Masterminds need to have the knowledge at their fingertips to know how to keep the whole business moving forward. Our tailored agendas are focused on both technical and business tracks – read more about them

We have plenty more planned for each of you, so stay tuned to the blog, our Twitter account and don’t forget to check the VMworld website for all the latest news and updates on the VMworld Europe itself.

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