Getting up to speed with Micro-Segmentation

August 1, 2017
Getting up to speed with Micro-Segmentation

High-profile cyber attacks are frequently in the news these days, putting IT security at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The WannaCry and Petya ransomware assaults, in particular, hit major businesses across the world in nations as diverse as the US, Russia, India, Taiwan and Britain.

The WannaCry extortion attack alone impacted more than 300,000 PCs that companies thought were protected, by targeting unpatched Windows 7 systems.

The message is clear. In order to survive the next security threat, you’re going to need to approach security in a completely new way.

Many businesses discovered their perimeter network security no longer gives them adequate protection. In fact, VMware’s Garry Owen says, in this video, that perimeter security “is no longer fit for purpose”.

What we need is to secure the inside of the network, as well as the edge of it, argues Garry in What have we learned from WannaCry? How to future-proof your IT security.

One way to do this is by bringing security up to date, which you can do with virtualization. See the video, and the Dummies Guides below, to discover how VMware can help you to make sure your security stays strong going forward.

This new networking approach means if an attacker breaks in through the outside door, their movements are limited to the ‘room’ they’re in. It’s a completely new way of doing network security, Garry says: a way to future-proof your IT security.

Micro-segmentation – get up to speed

To find out all about micro-segmentation and Zero Trust security, download this free, must-have resource from VMware: Micro-segmentation For Dummies – and get the jump on the next WannaCry wannabe.

Network virtualization – rethink networking

And for a comprehensive and free guide to network virtualization in six chapters, get VMware’s Network Virtualization For Dummies . Make your network move as fast as your business!

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