Case Studies: The Modern Data Center in Action

August 30, 2017
Case Studies: The Modern Data Center in Action

It’s no secret that digital transformation is changing priorities for businesses—and the IT professionals like you that support them. Today’s businesses increasingly rely on IT to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. Companies today depend on technology to innovate more rapidly and get to market faster. It’s a hot topic with leaders who feel pressure from customers, competitors, and their Board to accelerate digital transformation.

Why a Modern Data Center Makes Sense?
The digital economy is all about speed and innovation. To deliver both with limited resources, you need a nimble, service-oriented model that supports both private and public clouds.

But you may be struggling with mixed technologies and complex environments that you’ve accumulated over the years—and the slow, manual IT processes required to support them. If you’re trying to manage cloud siloes and other fragmented environments, compliance issues and other risks can creep into the picture. And you’re always under pressure to stay competitive with the latest hardware, tools, and cloud services, even as your budget remains flat.

What’s Under the Hood?
To move beyond these barriers and position your business for the digital economy, you need a data center based on an agile, service-oriented IT model that’s highly flexible, and can scale up or down as required. That means building a data center that is virtualized, software-defined, and automated, with a consistent operational model for infrastructure and application delivery, that can extend across private and public clouds.

A modernised data center isn’t a single solution, but a continuous journey. A modern data center should be:

  • Software-defined
  • Enterprise-ready
  • Secure and compliant
  • Elastically scalable
  • Extensible to the public cloud
  • Ready for traditional and cloud-native applications
  • Highly automated

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Unlock Agility and Drive Cost Savings
VMware offers a variety of pathways to help companies modernise the data center. These customers are already seeing impressive results:

  • Cyberlink AG, an innovative telecoms provider in Switzerland, introduced a software-defined data center to provision resources for its business customers in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Baystate Health, a leading healthcare provider, evolved to a hyper-converged infrastructure to save $3.5 million in data center construction costs.
  • Vistra Energy, the largest retailer of electricity and power generation in Texas, used automation to accelerate business processes from 24 hours to 30 minutes.

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Take the Next Step Toward Innovation
Learn more about how a software-defined approach is revolutionising businesses today.

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