Matt Piercy talking ‘liquid world’ at FT Innovate in London

December 5, 2014
Matt Piercy talking ‘liquid world’ at FT Innovate in London

In November, IT and digital experts from around the world got together at FT Innovate in London, to look at the impact the digital ‘big bang’ has in transforming the way businesses innovate.

Matt Piercy, VMware’s VP of Northern Europe, took to the stage during the event to discuss the key developments within the industry, specifically the concept of a ‘liquid world’:

“This dynamic world that requires multiple devices in multiple places at any time – that needs to be driven by software. Only software will give you the flexibility to move to where you need to move to, and that’s what we call this liquid world – moving away from hardware into a software defined world”

In this dynamic world traditional approaches to businesses and IT are being disrupted and old rigid structures are melting away. In this talk, Matt Piercy explored this concept further and looked at:

  • How software and cloud-powered services are transforming businesses
  • Why businesses must shift from being ‘built to last’ to ‘built for change’
  • Why the right IT provides confidence for business leaders to act bravely and decisively so they can innovate, compete and thrive

You can watch the video of Matt Piercy online and find out why your business must shift from being ‘built to last’ to ‘built for change’.

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