Master Class: How to drive business value through IT transformation

September 29, 2014
Master Class: How to drive business value through IT transformation

With the global economy in recovery, businesses are looking to their IT departments to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors and to create value. This is putting a lot of pressure on IT departments to live up to the expectations, fulfilling a mandate of reducing costs, increasing the speed of delivery driving innovation.

To help businesses and their IT teams with their transformation challenges, The Financial Times has hosted a series of videos featuring Jason Hill, VMware SDDC Practice Director, EMEA and Richard Munro, Chief Technologist for VMware vCloud Air. They look specifically at how EMC and VMware are enabling organisations to drive business value through IT transformation.

Below we’ve listed the videos and the main topic of each section. We think they’re compelling viewing for businesses striving to drive change.

Drivers for Transforming IT

  • What are the biggest drivers for transforming IT?
  • What are the biggest expectations that businesses have?
  • What is the future of the enterprise IT function?
  • What is the best way to think about transformation?

Transforming your Infrastructure and Delivering a Well Run Hybrid Cloud

  • How has IT evolved and how has this changed the role of IT?
  • How are leading IT organisations tackling these challenges?
  • What is a hybrid cloud?
  • How would you describe a well-run hybrid cloud?

Transforming the Operating Model and evolving to a Software Defined Enterprise

  • What difference does the cloud actually make?
  • How can IT teams move to providing services?
  • What does that mean for consumers?
  • Are people the problem when it comes to driving change, not the technology?

Transforming your Applications and Preparing for the 3rd Platform

  • How do you identify which applications are important?
  • How do you prepare for the 3rd platform?
  • How are 3rd platform applications different?
  • What are the biggest challenges with transforming the applications?

Partnering to enable successful transformations

  • How are EMC and VMware working together?
  • What are the strategic partnerships you have in place?
  • What does all this mean for the customer?
  • How are you helping customers move to the 3rd platform of IT?

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