Keeping Developers Tooled Up: Q&A with Ed Hoppitt, Business Solutions Strategist for VMware Advisory Services

October 6, 2015
Keeping Developers Tooled Up:  Q&A with Ed Hoppitt, Business Solutions Strategist for VMware Advisory Services


Ahead of VMworld Europe, we sat down with Ed Hoppitt, Business Solutions Strategist for VMware Advisory Services, to discuss some of the hottest trends for today’s Dev Champions.

Hi Ed, thanks for speaking with us. First up, what should the Dev Champion persona look out for at VMworld?

VMworld Europe offers a huge range of content and breakout sessions which can help the Dev Champion deliver new tools and techniques to the developers within their organisation. For example, attendees can take part in sessions from the Office of the CTO, giving them the chance to ask questions and discuss the future of Cloud Native Applications (CTO6659).

Additionally, sessions such as OPT5841 will offer insight into using agile development methods, and how to best implement them in the organisation.

I’d recommend stopping in on Kevin Lees’ DevOps discussion (OPT4992). As one of VMware’s leading architects, Lees can give an expert view on business transformation and where automation tools can assist in the new way of working.

What are the biggest challenges facing the Dev Champion persona?

Without a doubt, the biggest challenges facing the Dev Champion are those of inertia in IT and a reluctance to change.  Change is always difficult, but it is also necessary: supporting new ways of working involves Operations taking on a new mind-set.  Building the case for change is the hardest thing.  But they’ll soon realise that as people get on board with their vision, that not only are people happier and more productive, their life becomes easier too.

At VMworld Europe we have planned a great session that explores how you might start to think about a new architecture for Cloud-Native applications (CNA5379), its panel session so a great chance for them to bring their questions along.

What can the Dev Champion persona do to offer the most value to their business?

Organisations need someone who is willing to take that first step and do things a little differently – and have the ability to fail fast if things do go awry.

Anything that helps the developers reduce the fiction involved in writing their code is critical. That might be learning how VMware Integrated Containers can help IT Operations to allow developers to run containerised workloads natively on their existing IT infrastructure or understanding how they can start to move away from the mistakes of ‘Snowflake Development’ – where teams waste time and resource in building identical applications.

What does the future hold for the Dev Champion persona?

The Dev Champion’s future is bright. They have realised that the future is in being able to take the steps needed to show the IT operation is the core of the business.  They are willing to take the risks, immerse themselves in the cultural change that is needed to move to a ‘DevOps’ model of IT, where infrastructure is delivered as an API and the Developer team acts far more like Operations, running the code they write.

Dev Champions will be seen as the leading light of this revolution, the go-to person for positive change and taking a set up in their business as the benefits of their talents is realised.

Don’t forget to review your bespoke, Dev Champion agenda and use the Schedule Builder to add in your other chosen sessions and create a personal agenda for your time in Barcelona.

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