Join Sanjay Poonen’s Twitter chat on new trends in wearables and IoT

February 19, 2015
Join Sanjay Poonen’s Twitter chat on new trends in wearables and IoT

Join AirWatch and VMware’s vice president of end-user computing Sanjay Poonen the week before AirWatch Connect at Mobile World Congress for a 30-minute Twitter Chat about wearables, the Internet of Things and enterprise security. The chat will offer a preview of the enterprise impact of these and other trends, all of which will be covered in sessions at Connect. Follow @spoonen and#ConnectChat on Twitter and sign in on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 16:15 GMT to participate.

RSVP and add the event to your calendar here.

Experts from leading companies and analyst firms like Capgemini, Gartner, Forrester and more will be covering these topics throughout AirWatch Connect, so now’s your chance to join the conversation and share your opinions with other IT and mobility influencers.

Poonen will pose the following discussion questions during the chat:

  • What wearables or IoT devices are you currently using for personal use and what is your opinion of them?
  • Which industries and business processes do you think will be most transformed by IoT?
  • What specific wearables or IoT devices have your employees started to bring into the enterprise?
  • How has your organization started adapting to IoT devices brought in by employees?
  • How do you plan to educate your employees about security for IoT devices?

Participants will have the opportunity to pose questions of their own, and all participants will be entered to win AirWatch swag such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and other favorites from the AirWatch Store. And don’t forget to follow @AirWatch and #AWConnect March 2-5 for live updates from Connect.

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