Joe Baguley Scoops Data Leadership Award

February 26, 2016
Joe Baguley Scoops Data Leadership Award

On the evening of Thursday 25 February, the UK’s top 50 data leaders and influencers gathered to celebrate the inaugural Data 50 Awards. The awards honoured the people at the forefront of data – those transforming organisations and enhancing decision making through its use, managing and controlling its proliferating growth, and driving new business value.

The explosion of data – and what can be done with it – has been the most transformational trend to emerge from the digital age. It is also the area where the most groundbreaking technology has been developed. The pace of innovation in this industry has been rapid, with new ways of generating insight from data springing up regularly. Big data is projected to grow to a £50.1 billion market this year alone.

The prestigious Data 50 list was whittled down from more than 200 nominations and focused on those transforming organisations, enhancing decision-making and driving business value through the use of data, as well as managing its proliferating growth.

In amongst a competitive field including Veracode, Intel Security and SecureData was VMware’s very own Joe Baguley, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, who won the award for data leadership in ‘Infrastructure & Protection’.

Joe, who is a renowned figure in the cloud industry and member of the “Twitter Clouderati”, has helped drive strategy for the data sets of thousands of companies across Europe, advising and ensuring their data is secure at a time when external security threats are more prevalent than ever.

Keep an eye out for Joe’s posts on Twitter, and take a look at his 2015 video series, in which he explores the “Future of Enterprise IT” with futurologist Peter Cochrane.

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