Introducing vCloud Air to the public sector

March 3, 2015
Introducing vCloud Air to the public sector

You’ve probably already heard the news that the VMware vCloud Air service is now officially available for government and public sector organisations. However, to give you the lowdown on what this means for the public sector, we caught up with Andy Tait, Head of Public Sector Strategy at VMware.

What is VMware announcing for the public sector today?

Today we are pleased to announce that vCloud Air is officially government ready, allowing public sector organisations to harness the power of VMware’s hybrid cloud.

Government and public sector organisations will have a choice in how to get access to VMware’s hybrid cloud services. As well as purchasing VMware vCloud Air directly, we’re happy to announce that VMware has been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 6 framework agreement for the full range of vCloud Air solutions (vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud, VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud and VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a Service).

What does this mean for public sector organisations?
VMware vCloud Air is the world’s first true hybrid cloud solution, delivering the safest and fastest way to access the public cloud. Now it’s available to government and public sector organisations directly, as well as through G Cloud 6, they can more easily take advantage of the agility and flexibility of hybrid cloud, allowing them to extend workloads into the public cloud whenever they need additional capacity. With vCloud Air public organisations can increase efficiency while lowering their costs and finally offer citizens the same level of digital experience they are used to from other sectors. What’s more, the data and applications being powered by the hybrid cloud will be hosted in UK data centres, so, unlike with other public clouds, public sector organisations will always know where their data is – within UK borders.

This announcement finally opens the door for government and public sector to drive efficiency and reduce costs through hybrid cloud adoption.

Why is a hybrid cloud the right approach for the public sector right now?

Election year is ahead of us and delivering more for less is still vitally important. With access to the public cloud, the government can make the most out of its existing infrastructure and create new services at the touch of a button. Great examples of where this is ideal for the public sector are seasonal applications such as tax returns or passport services, which are very busy at certain points of the year but not so much at others. These additional, seasonal workloads can be moved to the hybrid cloud and scale enormously during their peak seasons. This will increase flexibility and make sure the government can reliably deliver the services people are demanding.

We will be running a series of blog posts on hybrid cloud in the public sector over the coming weeks. In the meantime, read more about how we work with the public sector here.

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