If we change what value can we add?

July 7, 2014
If we change what value can we add?
For problem, read opportunity. 

Desktop transformation is a movement gaining considerable traction in enlightened IT departments. It’s not hard to see why…

For too long, those at the operational sharp end have faced ever-increasing pressure to do more with less, in a shorter timescale. Coping with the problem is no longer enough. Now, it’s time to start looking at new ways to meet management demands.

Smart IT managers understand that desktop transformation opens up more opportunities for their department to be innovative. Less time spent ‘keeping the lights on’ means more time to focus on aligning IT resources with the needs of the business.

This doesn’t just transform the IT department – it contributes to the transformation of the whole business. Because, when IT is more responsive, it means the business can react more quickly to customers and market changes. And speeding time to value makes the business more competitive.

It all starts with desktop transformation, freeing business users to do what they do best – when, where and on whatever device suits them. So they can be doing business on a tablet in the customer’s location, instead of being stuck in the office with a PC that barely meets their needs, let alone their expectations.

For the IT department, it means moving from a ‘river dams’ to a ‘river banks’ approach: allowing users new freedoms, while exercising a different form of control. It moves IT from a fixed-budget cost centre, focused on infrastructure, to a more dynamic contributor to growth. And from a security lock down of systems, to a single question:

If we change, what value can we add?

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