IDC Whitepaper: The key to successful hybrid cloud strategies

November 25, 2014
IDC Whitepaper: The key to successful hybrid cloud strategies

Following last week’s IDC infobrief, we’re now able to bring you the complete whitepaper. Called “Successful Hybrid Clouds Depend on Collaborative Business and IT Management”, it gives detailed insight and analysis into the success factors around hybrid cloud strategies and highlights steps businesses need to take to ensure successful hybrid cloud deployments.

As shown in the global research undertaken by IDC, hybrid cloud architectures are becoming a key part of many businesses’ cloud strategies, making it even more important for organisations to make the business case now for using hybrid cloud environments so that they’re not left behind. This whitepaper demonstrates the benefits of hybrid clouds, the strategic role the cloud can play and how to successfully execute hybrid cloud strategies. Some of the key insights include:

  • Both IT and line-of-business decision makers recognise that the transition to hybrid cloud will have long-term impacts on their organisation’s ability to compete in global markets
  • Organisations that are committed to hybrid cloud are frequently ahead of the curve in refining and adapting their security strategies
  • Participants recognise the strategic role hybrid cloud can play in enabling a new generation of dynamic, agile business applications
  • Most participants expect to run a wide range of workloads and applications across their cloud environments over the next several years
  • Major benefits include optimised cost and performance, consistent end-user experience using common self-service portals and automation, and business agility and differentiation
  • Integration with non-cloud resources and improved business and IT coordination is most often identified as being critical to successful execution of hybrid cloud strategies

Read and download the full whitepaper below:

Successful Hybrid Clouds Depend on Collaborative Business and IT Management from VMware_EMEA


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