Hybrid Cloud Q&A with Michael Bischoff, Betfair

June 25, 2014
Hybrid Cloud Q&A with Michael Bischoff, Betfair

Betfair was one of the first businesses to deploy VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) in the UK, and to discuss their experience, Michael Bischoff, CIO of Betfair, joined Joe Baguley on stage during his recent keynote at vForum London. We caught up with Michael to learn more about Betfair’s experiences with vCHS, and why he thinks the hybrid cloud is so important for companies in the UK.

Why should businesses in the UK consider using a hybrid cloud solution?

In one word – flexibility. From our point of view vCHS is a way of getting at the economies of cloud performance and cost, while still maintaining a level of operational control over the data. Equally, it also allows us to get closer to a consumption model for the way we use the cloud, where we only use what we need, and therefore only pay for what we use. For many firms this is a level of flexibility and control they simply haven’t had access to before.

What have you found to be the advantages of using a hybrid cloud?

As well as flexibility, vCHS has the advantage of helping firms step away from the capital investment cycle as it means they don’t need to invest in the entire server infrastructure to create their own private cloud. Another reason is as Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions are increasingly broadly commoditised, vCHS provides an opportunity for companies to get commodity pricing and service and move away from custom internal solutions.

What are Betfair’s future hybrid cloud plans?

Our future plans involve increasing our mix of off-premise service delivery compared to what we deliver on-site, with a greater proportion of workloads being shifted into the off-premise hybrid cloud. While this will never be a 100% shift off-site, there are lots of good reasons why firms should look at moving to a hybrid cloud model.

As we move into the future, we’re going to continue to focus on orchestration so we’ll be able to accommodate multiple hybrid cloud solutions as the need arises, giving us even greater flexibility.

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