How VMware’s cloud offering helps streamline IT process

April 5, 2014
How VMware’s cloud offering helps streamline IT process

With many businesses re-evaluating their spending in relation to achieving new levels of agility and increased business value from IT, there is more demand than ever here at VMware to help companies streamline their day-to-day IT processes. As such, we thought it might be interesting to look at the different ways our cloud offerings can help those businesses, and how three IT companies are growing revenue and reducing costs with VMware solutions.

Acronis – reducing back-up windows from days to hours

For Acronis, that was a reduced back-up window of 5 days down to 12 hours. Having already made significant progress into the cloud, Acronis needed to match this with a backup solution that could handle the new way data was stored.  With numerous individual storage areas in place, existing backup solutions didn’t have the processing power capable of handling issues from all areas. To tackle this, Acronis implemented a backup solution specifically designed and optimised for handling problems in the cloud. They have also, in partnership with VMware, released Acronis vmProtect, a special programme tailored for their cloud system.

CloudOne – sharing IBM Rational resources

CloudOne provides IBM Rational Tools to its customers, to allow them to develop with the tools. Using the cloud was a natural way for the resources to be shared among customers and to be accessed from their various locations, so CloudOne partnered with VMware to implement a hosting solution for the IBM tools. The result was a fully scalable private cloud, which could be accessed easily and securely across the globe. The cloud manages the SaaS hosting environment and can be scaled up or down depending on the current business need.

TUI InfoTec – identifying issues at speed

TUI InfoTec, the technical arm of travel company TUI AG Group, is responsible for a massive customer service-related infrastructure, which, if disrupted, could potentially result in huge loss of earnings. As a result, the speed with which the IT team identifies, and then solves, issues is of vital importance. Another obstacle is that while TUI InfoTec have imported a lot of the site’s content onto the cloud, there are several different cloud environments hosting for the company, which results in an increased error finding time. To solve this problem TUI InfoTec utilised vCenter Operations across all the cloud platforms. This allowed the IT team to identify and target all problems from one place, to minimise disruption to front-end operations and prevent loss of business.

As you can see, there’s some great work going on with lots of different businesses using virtualization and cloud computing in different ways. We’ll be posting more in the near future – if you’re keen to hear about a specific product or industry, let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate it. Alternatively come along to VMware Forum 2012 – registrations are open and you’ll be able to hear from a host of experts and VMware customers on how they’re using cloud computing to transform their businesses.

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