How the Data Wizard can make magic: Q&A with Rory Choudhuri, Director, Product Marketing, SDDC – VMWare EMEA

October 6, 2015
How the Data Wizard can make magic:  Q&A with Rory Choudhuri, Director, Product Marketing, SDDC – VMWare EMEA


Ahead of VMworld Europe, we sat down with Rory Choudhuri, VMware’s very own Data Wizard, to talk about the must-see attractions for those IT departments seeking tips and tricks for dealing with virtual infrastructure…

Hi Rory, thanks for speaking with us. First of all, what should the Data Wizard persona look out for at VMworld?

This year’s VMworld Europe event should hold a lot of excitement for our Data Wizard visitors. Crucially, we have a big focus on giving organisations the practical tools to move beyond server virtualisation, extending their control into the storage and network infrastructure. And while I think we can expect a lot of conversations around building the Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC), I think we will also hear more about how IT departments can start to really benefit from the SDDC, specifically in automating its management.

Another area of interest will be what is happening in the Cloud Native Apps space. As more organisations invest in cloud strategies, this will have significant implications for the role of the Data Wizard, raising key questions over how the data centre should be interacting with cloud services.

And, of course, there will be numerous deep dive technical sessions addressing all different components of the SDDC – you can find out more here.

What are the biggest Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) challenges facing the Data Wizard persona?

Put simply, people like the status quo. They can be scared of change and moving to an SDDC can represent huge change. It’s a new way of doing things. Data Wizards have tough job ahead in ensuring that they can keep all areas of the IT department onside as they look to build a modern data centre.

Additionally, it’s very hard to be knowledgeable about all the separate areas that make up a data centre. This isn’t helped by the traditional silo working structure – where network, storage and compute teams went about their work with minimal interaction. Today we need to consider the data centre as a single organism – and this means uniting different teams? heading towards a single goal.

Finally, with applications now driving an organisation’s infrastructure requirements it is more imperative than ever that Data Wizards take a seat when it comes to discussing future architecture plans.

What can the Data Wizard persona do to offer the most value to their business?

A successful Data Wizard is one who can understand the imperatives that face their peers in other IT teams, acting to ensure their organisation remains at the cutting edge.

Of course, attend as many sessions as you can to get deeper knowledge on the subject areas that interest you, and will be of value to your organisation in the coming months.

Specifically at VMworld Europe, I’d definitely recommend taking part in the Hands On Labs. This will help to increase their knowledge outside of their usual expertise – a critical factor when it comes to uniting the previously siloed data centre teams. Any Data Wizard worth their salt will be taking a tour around the booths in the Solutions Exchange to see what tricks they can pick up, a great way to do this is to join the Hall Crawl

But don’t forget to attend a few parties, too!

What does the future hold for the Data Wizard persona?

Ultimately, the times they are a-changin’ for the Data Wizard. Exciting new technologies – including hyper-convergence, the Software-Defined Data Centre and increased automation, are signalling a new era in IT. Embracing this change offers a massive opportunity to build their profile and standing in the business, becoming a critical part of the organisation’s plans for growth.

And you don’t have to be a mystic to tell you where a failure to embrace the changes will lead…

Thanks Rory, great to speak with you.

Don’t forget to review your bespoke, Data Wizard agenda and use Schedule Builder to add in your other chosen sessions and create your personal agenda for your time in Barcelona.

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