Guest Post: vROps Webinar Series

March 11, 2016
Guest Post: vROps Webinar Series

By Simon Eady, blogger and vExpert

At the beginning of 2016, a new community led webinar series commenced on vRealize Operations Manager. The idea to run these sessions came from a discussion I had with Sunny Dua back in December 2015 and from there the idea took shape.

These live webcasts will cover different topics around vRealize Operations Manager and are open to the public to attend live or view the recorded sessions later.

The sessions are led by Sunny Dua and myself. Sunny is a well-known and respected Senior Consultant at VMware and can be found on Twitter @Sunny_Dua.

If you have used vCOPs or vROps then it’s very likely you will have come across his name and his blog. On top of that he is also a member of the VMware CTO Ambassador program. I am currently working for Xtravirt as a Senior Consultant and can usually be found on Twitter @simoneady. I co-author a blog on Virtualization & Cloud (

The premise of this series was to uncover some great use cases which we have been delivering for customers and share them with anyone who is interested in learning about vROps. Some of the examples include, vROps Policies, Alert Definitions, Automated Action Framework and integration to third party. Sessions will include slides and live demonstrations, and range from between 60 to 90 minutes.

12 sessions are planned for this year – one for each month. While targeted to deliver in a time zone which is suitable for most of the regions, WebEx recordings will be made available, ensuring no one misses out.

These sessions are open for anyone, and would be most beneficial for consultants, architects, administrations and support professionals. The idea is to make you a pro so that you can share the goodness of vROps!

Webinar session schedule:

Note: the topics for future sessions will evolve as we introduce guest presenters.

Want to attend a session?

The webinars will use a WebEx session which you can join as a participant. You can either dial-in using a toll-free number or get a call back from the WebEx server. Participants will be muted to begin with and can ask questions or contribute either via WebEx chat or audio during the Q&A session.

Keep an eye on Simon’s blog for the latest updates on upcoming sessions.

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