Guest blog post: A Reward Programme for a New Era of IT – introducing Advantage+

August 1, 2016
Guest blog post: A Reward Programme for a New Era of IT – introducing Advantage+

Guest blog post: ‎Jean Philippe Barleaza, EMEA VP Channel, Alliances and General Business, VMware

Our partner ecosystem has always been crucial to VMware’s success. Recognising this we’ve taken time and care to nurture our relationships with each and every one of our 33,000 EMEA partners – from OEMs to technology partners; VARs to service providers; and system integrators to outsourcers.

The bottom line is that our partners are looking for profitable and sustainable business. To achieve this, they won’t or can’t invest in technology and solutions unless they know there is going to be a certain and positive outcome. This is the nature of the business.

What VMware has demonstrated over the last few years is that we are delivering what our partners are expecting of us: providing them with great IT solutions and services, from our core virtualization products to our emerging networking, storage, cloud and mobility solutions, to build their practices and differentiate their offerings.

Now, as public and private sector organisations increasingly turn to VMware to help them run, manage, secure and connect their applications across all clouds and devices, we want to ensure that the VMware partner community is in the best possible position to take advantage of current market dynamics. This means being able to deliver a broader portfolio of VMware products and services and moving beyond core virtualization.

This doesn’t just happen though. We know these more complex solutions such as NSX, require more support and we have therefore created more than 30 Partner Development Managers, equipped to provide the technical support for each one of our emerging product’s, as well as providing vital marketing support.

This month, as of August 1, we are making a further investment in our partner ecosystem to accelerate partner-driven revenue and reward partners for engaging with us and creating pipelines for our more innovative solutions, including virtualized networking, storage networking, end user computing, business mobility and cloud management. Ross Brown, Senior Vice President, WW Partners and Alliances at VMware, outlines what it all means here.

And as ever, we’ll be offering plenty of support to help partners capitalise on the strong market momentum we’re already seeing across the region.

Taking into account today’s market dynamics, and the ever shifting demands of both customers and the wider business, the new programme is aimed at helping partner to offer a more comprehensive solution to their customers. Advantage+ places an emphasis on long-term partnerships, rewarding business partner and ensuring they have everything they need to offer the latest and greatest solutions to their customers.

We believe that now, VMware is better set up than ever before to help customers navigate the challenges of digital transformation, providing clear business outcomes and helping to bring to life the innovative business models needed to keep them at the forefront of their respective industries.

For more details on how the Advantage+ Partner Programme will benefit your organisation, visit our Power of Partnership blog.

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