EUC: Trends to Watch and Ways VMware Partners are Making IT History

August 28, 2014
EUC: Trends to Watch and Ways VMware Partners are Making IT History

Sixty to seventy years ago it was the mainframe and twenty to thirty years ago, the client-server. Today, mobile and cloud are the hot topics in every IT department. In fact, mobile and cloud are growing four times faster than the rest of the IT sector, according to a report from Gartner.


With more and more devices flooding networks every day, customers are facing a huge conundrum around securing and managing devices and providing flexibility for end user computing. This means VMware partners are poised, not just to provide a point solution, but to build a platform leveraging a Software-Defined Data Center that delivers EUC to customers’ organizations, and helps end users work at the “speed of life.”

In this short series, we’ll provide resources and information to help strengthen your EUC practices and pipelines, and then we’ll be asking for your success stories and customer pain points. (See the end of this post for details.)

The Power of EUC

By extending the power of virtualization—from data centers to devices—users have a way to securely access all the applications, files, social tools, and online services they need, from any device they choose. Everywhere.


To help partners, VMware has a variety of information and resources to ensure you have the information you need and fill a pipeline that includes both strategic, and project-based opportunities.

Resources and information for partners 

  • VMware offers readiness programs to keep partners up to date on products, solutions, programs, and events.
  • vmLIVE VMware’s daily radio talk show that provides sales, technical, marketing, and event updates.
  • Quarterly Partner Briefing that provides launch information – check out the QPB page right now to learn about the Desktop as a Service launch
  • A variety of marketing tools to help generate demand and leads, including: Website in a Box, partner-ready campaigns, social syndication, and cross-sell/up-sell
  • Sales Plays to help you identify, prospect and develop new sales opportunities for Horizon 6.

By leveraging these resources and cashing in on rewards and incentives, VMware partners can see larger margins: up to 32%. Visit the Partner Learning page for details.

Share your stories

Now it’s time to share your EUC success stories as we’ll be sharing VMware partner stories in our next post. Please visit the Partner Link community to share your story and we may feature it in our next blog post.

 We can’t wait to hear from you.

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