Driving public sector efficiencies…how a truly hybrid approach can help

March 11, 2015
Driving public sector efficiencies…how a truly hybrid approach can help

“Hybrid really gives the best of both worlds between private cloud in-house and public cloud out in the ether. Customers are able now to look at their in-house applications and many want to keep critical business applications in-house, but also be able to consume the enormous scalability of public clouds on the outside. Hybrid cloud enables them to do that by keeping applications in-house and scaling out as they need.”

  • Andy Tait, Head of Public Sector Strategy, VMware on one of the many benefits public sector organisations can gain from using a truly hybrid cloud

In our last post, our Head of Public Sector Strategy, Andy Tait talked about our vCloud Air platform and how pleased we are that it’s now available for use by government and public sector organisations.

In this post, you can hear from Andy on camera about the issues the public sector is facing and what IT departments can do to help the situation. Check out the video to hear Andy talk about:

  • The need for public sector IT departments to be at the heart of driving organisational efficiencies this year
  • How crucial the virtualization and management layers will be in 2015 – especially when it comes to driving these efficiencies
  • The role the hybrid cloud can play in helping – giving public sector organisations the best of both worlds between public and private clouds

Next week we’ll be sharing another video with Andy, looking specifically at vCloud Air and why it can help public sector organisations.

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