Download the BYOD for Dummies eBook

June 23, 2014
Download the BYOD for Dummies eBook

The emergence of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) is making a huge impact on business culture. It has ushered in the consumerisation of IT and is challenging IT departments to create smart, agile procedures that allow users to be productive on the devices and platforms they feel comfortable using, without compromising the security of any business data. Do you know the benefits of implementing a BYOD policy?

Download our eBook, BYOD For Dummies, now and get all the information you need to understand this exciting business trend.

BYOD For Dummies
This concise, easy to read eBook looks at all aspects of BYOD – from a quick overview of this trend, to costs, benefits, best practice tips and advice on policies and procedures.

In BYOD For Dummies, find out how:
• How cost savings can be achieved through less expenditure on hardware
• How employees feel empowered through choosing technology they’re comfortable and familiar with
• What BYOD means for IT policies, including maintenance and security
• How virtual desktops can enable effective remote working

Find Out More
If you want to learn more about how to implement, support and control a BYOD strategy, you can download the free eBook here.

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