Digital Upskilling: How the CIO Can Lead the Way

April 21, 2016
Digital Upskilling: How the CIO Can Lead the Way

As Joe Baguley noted, when it comes to readying employees for the digital age, it is the CIO who must lead the charge.

And as digital disruption hits the mainstream – with any number of organisation now preparing themselves for transformation and a significant shift in how the engage with customers, run their operations and develop new services – there is not a moment to lose in driving change.

Developing the ‘digital skills’ of your workforce is a crucial component in becoming a digital-first organisation. It’s easier said than done.

Although the enthusiasm is there – with almost two thirds (64 per cent) [1] willing to use their own time to upskill themselves – too many employees find themselves trapped in organisations which do not offer them the opportunity to flex their digital muscles.

Take a look at our CIO Perspective Whitepaper below and learn more about how the CIO and IT department can become significant figures in the digital revolution, pushing their organisations on to greater heights…

[1]Based on research, commissioned by VMware: Vanson Bourne polled 5,700 office workers who regularly access data or information via the web, in companies with 100+ employees in EMEA during August 2015.

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