Compliance and security: How to have your cake and eat it.

July 21, 2014
Compliance and security:  How to have your cake and eat it.

Desktop transformation is about satisfying an apparent paradox: How do you give users more freedom, while giving IT more control?

And how do you balance all the factors involved? For example, mobility versus visibility. Choice of device versus standardisation of support. Or accessibility versus security. That last one is probably ringing alarm bells. But, while security is still of paramount importance, how we think about it is changing…

The modern way involves an acceptance of risk. The reality is, you can only be so secure – and the edge of network can always be breached, by accident or design. Nowhere is totally secure today. And there’s no reason to think tomorrow will be any safer. In fact, all the evidence shows mounting levels of risk around every aspect of life online.

So here’s the thing. There’s no point in a lock-down; it just makes life harder for the business and users, and can be seen as inflexibility on IT’s part. Instead, be prepared for the inevitable breach, and be ready to audit when it occurs. If break-ins are going to happen anyway, it’s how fast and how effectively you deal with them that matters.

And remember that security (like productivity and competitiveness) is subject to the law of diminishing returns. When even security vendors admit that anti-virus software is pretty well useless, is the extra metaphorical padlock really going to make that much difference?

Now apply similarly enlightened thinking to how and where users access information.

Do you follow a policy of rigid prevention, or do you control the risk by changing the way you manage the access? Desktop transformation gives your users what they want – seemingly unfettered access to sensitive corporate data, anywhere, any time, and on any device.

At the same time, it gives you the visibility and control, so that you can meet regulatory compliance requirements and mitigate risk.

So you can deliver the responsiveness and agility the business needs, while protecting people, data and reputation.

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