Celebrating a CIO that is convinced of change

April 10, 2017
Celebrating a CIO that is convinced of change

VMware’s Agents of Change initiative celebrates smart CIOs harnessing the transformative power of technology to change the way their business operates.

One of our Agents of Change is Abdulaziz AlDuaij, the CIO of Kuwait National Petroleum (KNPC), one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the Gulf region. KNPC is one of the biggest contributors to the Kuwaiti economy, and AlDuaij is the man tasked with modernising the business to ensure it can contribute even more in the years to come. He wants KNPC to be known as the best enterprise for technological innovation in Kuwait.

But AlDuaij has to contend with some obstacles; the declining price of oil and an industry that is renowned for being risk-averse. Convincing the board and the employees that change is necessary wasn’t easy – but as an Agent of Change, he’s made it happen.

He has managed to do this in steps; one of which is building an ambitious community cloud, which will support big data and other innovative applications. The idea is to empower employees at KNPC to make faster, more reliable decisions based on data. In addition, the community cloud could support the organisation’s adoption of DevOps methodologies.

As a measure of success, employees who were initially worried about a big transformational change have not only accepted the changes, but are asking for further developments to be made.

AlDuaij has emphasised how important VMware is as a partner to KNPC as it continues its digital transformation efforts. Adopting cloud, big data and new technologies are a means to lead the market and VMware is instrumental to the company’s drive to become Kuwait’s digital leader.

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