Building an Architecture to Reshape Cybersecurity

March 18, 2016
Building an Architecture to Reshape Cybersecurity

For those of you who didn’t catch Pat Gelsinger’s keynote at the recent RSA conference, take a look at the below video to hear his powerful argument – that when it comes to the security challenges faced by companies today, the problem is structural.

In his talk, Pat explores issues the industry currently faces, including:

  • The fragmented approach to security, with business and technology leadership often divided on data security practices within their organisations
  • Companies undergoing rapid growth, despite lack of security planning
  • Devices exploding in both number and type – security has become much more complex

He then goes on to look at virtualization’s key role in security – explaining how it provides the layer between the physical infrastructure below, and the apps above, allowing you to “connect the dots” by seeing the infrastructure through the lens of the app.

Gelsinger was joined on the RSA stage by Tom Corn, VMware’s senior vice president for Security Products, to demonstrate how leveraging the capabilities of VMware NSX network virtualization can work to easily, seamlessly, and powerfully prevent, detect, and respond to real world cyber-attacks.

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