An opportunity to be grabbed

February 16, 2017
An opportunity to be grabbed

Ian Evans, Vice President End User Computing EMEA at VMware talks about the opportunities for EUC partners for 2017 and how mobility can be the Trojan horse to get to the CIO, but only if partners grab the opportunity now.

Around five years ago, the workplace went through a revolutionary shift. People started thinking that applications and browsing were as important as using emails and, with that realisation, and the saturation of smartphones on the market, we started moving away from desktop.

But we’re a while into that mobile revolution now, and businesses have realised they can help employees be more productive with the way they ‘do’ work on their mobile devices. That’s led to a focus on the user experience – and how to unify it no matter what device is being used – or where the end user is. Whether working from the back of a car with a tablet or following a client meeting on the phone, they need their applications to consistently operate in the same way.

Users now need a unified launch pad relating to who they are, how they need access and when. This is who I am. This is what I need to do my job. It’s the only way to enable people to do their jobs better. All software vendors need to be mobile-enablers, getting everything to work – and that’s all about having the insight to give the right people the application for the job they need to do – otherwise the brain becomes saturated with too much information and too many tools and we’re not as productive as we need to be.

It’s the partners who understand this situation that have been the most successful – and will continue to be so in 2017. These partners are the ones in a position where customers hear about the great work they’ve been doing and call them to help get them started on their mobile journeys. Those that don’t get it are still trying to implement Citrix replacement strategies. We want to enable our partners to move from a solution-based approach, to helping their customers on the journey towards becoming more digital. To be profitable, partners need to see that a £1 million mobile project is really a £3 million opportunity because there’s a long-tail. Not only can they offer a mobility solution, but they can build on it with app management and security, for example.

Mobile was always the Trojan Horse to get to the CIO – and that’s more the case than ever before, especially as we move into 2017 and more organisations look to digitally transform. Most VDI projects didn’t used to get sold to the CIO, instead they’d go through the SISO or the EUC team. Now mobility is exciting, and certainly something senior management recognises to retain staff as well as attract a young workforce. With our solutions, partners can say, “we know how to make your people more productive, efficient and happy” – and that’s a message the board listens to.

So, what does this all mean? Well, in 2017, we want to encourage our partners to, firstly, not stand still – and to keep trying new things. If you don’t branch out, then Microsoft partners will come and steal your lunch. They’re a couple of years behind at the moment, but inactivity will allow them to catch up.

We want them to embrace all opportunities that come to them. After all, they have the benefit of being a VMware partner – and VMware is ahead of the game.

Ultimately, there’s a great opportunity for our partners over the next 12 months and, as long as you can do what you’re best at – selling, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be out there taking advantage of the situation right now.

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