What to expect from VMware Forums – Q&A with Matt Piercy

April 22, 2014
What to expect from VMware Forums – Q&A with Matt Piercy

Why should I go to VMware Forums?

The Forums are a showcase of both what can be achieved through the smart use of virtualisation and cloud technologies.

We’re very focussed on providing real world examples of how organisations have put our technology to use to deliver real business benefits. We really hope attendees will learn a huge amount about our technology, and the impact it can have on their organisation.

It’s really important to note that the Forums aren’t just VMware shows these days; they’re true industry events, where we invite our partners and other vendors to bring their own solutions and demonstrations of what they can deliver.

What can the Forums tell us about the industry and its future?

I believe we’re sitting at the heart of a number of changes in the industry – a perfect storm, if you will – and these changes will affect every single customer, regardless of their industry and the size of their business.

This so-called ‘perfect storm’ has three parts. The first concerns the move towards the Software-Defined Datacentre. We’re spending increasing amounts of time with our customers talking about how they can get the most out of the virtual infrastructure that they use, be it VMware or not, and we’ve got some great ideas about how companies can make their datacentre much more dynamic.

The second part relates to end-user computing, which is where I feel we’ve seen the biggest leap forward in the past 12 months. We’ve seen a real progression from virtualising desktops to an all-inclusive world where users can access all the information and applications they need, regardless of type and device at any location, in a secure manner.

The definition of cloud computing has long been confusing as every vendor has a differing opinion based on what this means to them as a vendor; the third component of this ‘perfect storm’ is to redefine it from the customer’s perspective and transform this into what the cloud can do for their business.

How do I convince my boss to let me go to the Forums?

Every dollar you spend on VMware software and services can, in my opinion, give you a greater return than any other spend you make in the industry. The events give visitors so much information to take back to their organisation about how to keep their IT moving forward, both from a modernisation and compliance point of view.

How do the Forums differ from VMworld?

To my mind, Forums have got to the stage now where they act as essentially a miniature version of VMworld – the content, the atmosphere and the energy at Forums is exactly what we try to create at VMworld. At both events, we are showing innovations and real-world examples of our software in action, where the future for the industry is heading and how VMware are stepping up to address that future.

To find out more about your nearest Forum event and to register, visit the microsite.

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