What should you expect from VMware vForum Johannesburg?

June 5, 2014
What should you expect from VMware vForum Johannesburg?

Just a few days left until the VMware vForum Johannesburg! In order to give you a better idea of what you should expect from the event we caught up with Wayne Biehn, Regional Manager, Africa, West East Central Southern Africa (WECA), at VMware and ask him why he thinks you should attend and what he believes will be the key take away from the event.

Q: Why should partners and customers attend vForum 2014?

A: vForum 2014 provides a platform and an opportunity to be showcased, not only how ITaaS extends in a unified architecture from the Data Centre to the Device, but also how industry transformation is redefining the way organisations relate to the workforce, and vice versa.

Q: What are you personally looking forward to as a highlight of this year’s event?

A: VMware represents not just transition, but transformation. And true transformation spans both process and productivity. Productivity transformation is a function of automation. I am keen to hear the announcements of how much further automation, and with it, both productivity gains as well as process efficiencies, have further infiltrated the IT organisation.

Q: If you were to suggest your customers attend one session what would that be?

A: I would suggest both the Cloud Automation and Virtual Workspace sessions. Side by side, these sessions demonstrate ITaaS at different ends of the transformed IT spectrum – from the data centre to the device.

Q: In your own words what are you hoping to take away from the event personally?

A: I am looking forward to understanding the integration points between vSAN and Horizon 6. vSAN is a massive game changer for VDI from a CAPEX model perspective adding to the already significant OPEX benefits of VDI. Horizon 6 extends the value proposition and service delivery capability across the entire access layer, from the physical desktop through to virtual desktops and applications, and across the diversity and proliferation of mobile devices.

Q: Looking ahead – how do you think VMware’s new vision will help shape the future of IT?

A: Whilst the trajectory of VMware’s vision remains true, I liken VMware’s vision to the proverbial rolling snowball. VMware’s formidably relevant vision is not only sharpening, but, at the same time, as it gathers momentum, its impact, on both business and IT, stands head and shoulders above the rest. VMware’s strategy, architecture and platforms effectively innovate, modernise and transform an organisation’s relationships with its IT assets, for both existing assets and new assets. In bridging and addressing both existing and new IT assets, VMware strategy defines the art of the possible in the mobile cloud era.

Well there you have it! A host of excellent reasons you should be at vForum this year. Don’t forget attendance is free, and you can register at https://bitly.com/1k3kjUa. If you want more information about the event, please click here http://bit.ly/Rkv7WQ.


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