What do the VMworld vCloud Air Announcements mean for you?

October 23, 2014
What do the VMworld vCloud Air Announcements mean for you?

In Pat Gelsinger’s opening keynote (watch it here), he revealed VMware’s direction for the next 12 months, and how VMware can support businesses to take advantage of the power of ‘And’ rather than just compromising with ‘Or’. For example, businesses can now run traditional apps AND cloud apps; have safe, secure, compliant AND instant and elastic IT. Importantly, they can now have their IT on-premise AND off-premise, without compromise.

VMware’s hybrid cloud solution, vCloud Air, is a vital piece of this strategy, giving organisations the power of the public AND private cloud. During the conference, Bill Fathers, EVP & GM Cloud Services, and Gavin Jackson, VP & GM Cloud Services in EMEA, discussed the unique merits of vCloud Air, its expansion in Europe and the new services available to businesses across Europe.  We believe these announcements are going to have a big impact on organisations over the coming year so we wanted to take a closer look at each one.

European expansion of vCloud Air to more European customers

In the day one keynote, Bill Fathers announced an additional European data centre in Germany – major news for all of VMware’s European customers of all sizes and providing them with the fastest path to the hybrid cloud. Coupled with a presence in the UK, this further extends hybrid offering to more customers in Europe, while meeting all the compliance with EU and German laws on privacy and data sovereignty that organisations require.

Hyper converged infrastructure extended to the hybrid cloud with EVO: RAIL

With EVO:RAIL, a powerful and flexible hyper converged infrastructure,  a business can be up and running with a Software-Defined Data Centre environment in just 15 minutes. But what makes this private cloud solution even more powerful is that straight out of the box it can be extended to the hybrid cloud using vCloud Air. As Gavin Jackson discusses in this video, when he explained this concept to a customer at VMworld:

“The penny just dropped immediately. He was saying ‘so I can do hyper-converged infrastructure, deliver software-defined data center immediately, and extend that to the hybrid cloud in one fell swoop? Right, I need to go and call my boss!’”

Buying hybrid services by credit card

One of the biggest announcements was news of the early access programme for the vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. This service means all a business needs to have access to its own virtual private cloud is a credit card. With vCloud Air OnDemand businesses only pay per minute for what is used, and this is coupled with the ability to easily scale resources for what they need, and manage it seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure. As explained in this video discussing the benefits of vCloud Air, “[it] is the easiest way to consume the cloud that is 100 per cent compatible with your vSphere environment. To get started, all you need is a browser and a credit card.”

What this news means is that from November 17th, businesses across Europe will be able to get early access to the VMware vCloud Air OnDemand, using the power of AND to give them a private cloud that offers scalability, convenient billing, control and ease of use.  Sign up here to find out more.

For a better idea of the business benefits of using vCloud Air, our customer BlueFin had this to say:

“As a technology company ourselves, we want to be at the forefront of new technologies and VMware vCloud Air will allow us to achieve this level of innovation. I can now create a full hybrid cloud model based on a technology I know and trust…”

Read the rest of the Q&A with BlueFin here.

vcloud Air

vCloud Air Network

The vCloud Air Network provides businesses with easy access to VMware-based hybrid and public clouds, delivering external cloud infrastructure that is fully compatible with existing vSphere environments. These public and hybrid clouds are delivered by VMware’s network of VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers around the world. During the keynote Bill Fathers highlighted just how successful this initiative has been, revealing that the network now consists of 3,900 partners, providing vCloud Air Network Services in more than 100 countries worldwide. Find out more about the vCloud Air Network here.

Click on the links below to find out more about all the new solutions:

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