VMworld Europe 2015 – Day Two Highlights

October 15, 2015
VMworld Europe 2015 – Day Two Highlights

Yesterday’s VMworld 2015 Europe general session was a fantastic demonstration of just what VMworld offers attendees. Looking at a range of topic areas from a strategic and technical level, the keynote equipped the audience with the knowledge to tackle the main IT and business issues they’ll face in the year ahead. Take a look below for an overview of everything Pat Gelsinger, Sanjay Poonen and Martin Casado adressed in the general session:

Pat Gelsinger

In his closing section of the keynote, Pat delivered his five imperatives for today’s digital businesses. Taking a long term look at the future of business and IT, this is Pat’s advice for what today’s digital organisations need to think about now and over the coming years:

  1. Asymmetry is now the norm, and incumbents no longer have the advantage. You have to be able to innovate like a start up and deliver like an enterprise.
  2. We’ve entered the professional era of cloud – we’re no longer experimenting. The unified cloud is the future.
  3. A renaissance in security has begun – virtualization now allows security to be architected in, rather than built in or bolted on.
  4. The next wave of technology will be proactive, rather than reactive. We’ll be able to automate everything and predict (almost) anything.
  5. Businesses large and small need to break out – inaction is the greatest risk companies face today.

Read more about Pat’s five imperatives here

Martin Casado

Martin’s section of the keynote addressed the security issues around applications, and how the application itself reflects the underlying network. As a result, without real visibility of the whole network, any infrastructure issues surface through the app itself when it doesn’t perform as expected. This means the top three challenges for IT when it comes to apps are configuration, troubleshooting and security. This is where VMware’s network virtualization platform, NSX, comes into its own. Martin demonstrated how NSX can support an organisation’s application deployment, and stressed that if you run compute virtualization, you need to take a very serious look at network virtualization.

Read more on NSX here.

Sanjay Poonen

End-User Computing (EUC), and the “Any Application, Any Device” approach was the focus of Sanjay’s presentation. He announced the exciting news about VMware’s Project A2, and how it is bringing together the magic of AirWatch and VMware App Volumes to make it possible to seamlessly deliver and manage applications on any EUC platform, from a Tesla to a Windows 10 PC. To round off his exciting presentation, Sanjay finished with his own unique take on Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’.

We’ve created a round-up of all of VMworld’s announcements

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