VMware vForum Johannesburg – Keynote Q&A

May 12, 2014
VMware vForum Johannesburg – Keynote Q&A

VMware vForum Johannesburg is a matter of weeks away, and to give you a taste of what to expect we caught up with Vice President, Northern Region Matt Piercy, who’ll be delivering the day’s keynote “The Software-Defined Enterprise: Thriving in the Mobile-Cloud Era”. Here’s what Matt had to say about why you shouldn’t miss vForum:

Q: Why should people visit VMware vForum this year?

A: At vForum we will show how far we, and the industry have come in making hybrid cloud and mobile cloud a reality. Our industry is changing fast, cloud computing represents multiple ways to do things fundamentally better, but at the same time it is not without complications. At vForum we will show your our customers the easiest path to move from today’s data centre to tomorrows dynamic future.

Q: Can you explain a bit more about what your keynote will cover?

A: Specifically I will cover how VMware has taken what we have learnt from “compute virtualization” and applied it to all the other areas of the data centre, especially around networking and storage where there are benefits to be had that are greater than anything we have done with servers in the past. Additionally, I will talk about the exciting new developments and acquisitions VMware has made over the past while, all of which make mobile computing and device management viable today.

Q: Why is the concept of ‘Software Defined’ so important to businesses?

A: It is not possible to have a hardware defined solution that is mobile or dynamic in any way, simply because by its very nature the physical hardware cannot move. Software can move, and it can move fast – between data centres and users anywhere in the world.

Q: What will attendees learn from vForum and be able to use in their business?

A: Attendees will be able to go back and show business stakeholders a platform that propels them into all the positives that cloud computing has to offer, without the need to throw away any existing applications or implement new ones. This message resonates well with C-Level executives, to whom we can show fast return on investment, and more importantly highlight a fast path to adopting the most up to date computing methods that are powering and enabling many companies in their desire to be more innovative and successful.

As you can see from Matt’s responses, there are more reasons than ever to make sure you attend VMware vForum this year. As well as the keynote there will be a host of other sessions, covering many different aspects of the cloud, virtualization and end-user computing.

Don’t forget attendance is free, and you can register at https://bitly.com/1k3kjUa. If you want more information about the event, please click here http://bit.ly/Rkv7WQ.

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